Restore fairness and balance to Maryland’s legislative districts

I assert Maryland is a far more “purple” state than our current political leadership portrays, and that ideological diversity is critical to achieving fair compromises and genuine progress for society. I agree with Kathleen Matthews, MD Democratic...

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Restore the authority of parents in our children’s education

    Our schools are both organs of the state – beholden to Federal, State, and local laws & ordinances – and representative of our communities – obligated to respect the concerns of parents and students and to uphold the shared values of the c...

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The past few years under Governor Hogan’s leadership and with some bi-partisan efforts, Marylanders have seen a positive turn-around in our taxes. No one likes paying taxes and fees. We especially don’t like to pay for programs that fail or of whi...

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“Vision without funding is hallucination!” (anon Army Major) Bringing balanced voices to Maryland governance requires your continuing support. If you believe in my campaign and the efforts needed to change Annapolis politics, please donate to further the cause. With tremendous appreciation and gratitude, Robert Drozd.

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