The past few years under Governor Hogan’s leadership and with some bi-partisan efforts, Marylanders have seen a positive turn-around in our taxes. No one likes paying taxes and fees. We especially don’t like to pay for programs that fail or of which we disapprove (such as the infamous “rain tax”). Governments are not for-profit operations, and every dollar spent comes from the taxpayers. Our legislators at all levels need to demonstrate greater respect for the wallets and purses of Maryland taxpayers. With that in mind, I will pursue tax and fees policies based upon the following principles…

  • As it is for Maryland families, government expenses (appropriations) should never exceed income (tax revenues).
  • Increases should always be the last option. But, if increases must happen, they must have demonstrable and overwhelming support from the citizens, and should never exceed the taxpayers’ own average increase in personal income.
  • Our taxes need to be competitive with our neighboring states to attract families and businesses to Maryland, not drive them away.
  • New legislation should always include measurable performance metrics (something nearly unheard of in legislation) and a sunset date to ensure taxpayers don’t continue spending money on programs that fail to deliver positive results.



“Vision without funding is hallucination!” (anon Army Major) Bringing balanced voices to Maryland governance requires your continuing support. If you believe in my campaign and the efforts needed to change Annapolis politics, please donate to further the cause. With tremendous appreciation and gratitude, Robert Drozd.

MDGOP Candidate